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Would You Buy a Domain Name Worth $750,000?

Would you buy a domain name worth $750,000? Cable News Network (CNN) is willing to do that.. and they just did.

Rick Schwartz, known as the "Domain King," has just completed the sale of to the CNN for $750,000. When asked if he had any similar domains he told CNN he also owned the hyphenated version, Instead of making another deal, he just gave for free (how generous, hehe).

Schwartz is a domain investor, he makes a living by buying domain names and reselling them to the highest bidder. This is the biggest URL sale for the year 2008 so far. Domain selling can reach up to millions of dollars in bidding, below is a list of the top ten largest sales of 2007 from DNJournal.

1. = $9,500,000
2. = $2,100,000
3. = $1,800,000
4. $1,500,000
5. = $1,180,000
6. = $1,250,000
7. = €810,001 = $1,120,008
8.tie = $1,000,000
8.tie = $1,000,000
10. €695,000 = $957,937

Rick bought and registered the domains and way back in 1997.. for how much? $70 -$100.

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Vivienne said...

Holy cow, that list blows my mind. I've never given domain names much thought, but recently I've been learning about domain brokering. It's fascinating. I would laugh myself silly if I could resell a domain for $1,000 let alone a cool mil.

Leon said...

Smart bastard. Screw the stock market. Domains are a much better investment.

yatot said...

the numbers are quite surprising for a domain name! i didnt expect that much worth for a simple name like only proves that the porn industry is a big investment isnt it...? very informative blog! thanks for accepting my entrecard! mabuhay!

KiwiPulse said...

If its well ranked in the search engine. Why not! FREE Traffic for live and you can easily get your money back if you know how to monetize it well! :D