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This is my second test blog where you'll find news and opinions on the latest happenings surrounding the internet, technology, entertainment, et. al.
Why the name? "Shakedown" is a period of testing or trial journey undergone by a ship, plane or other craft before declared operational. 2.0 simply because it's my second trial blog [see the first blog here]

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Ah, what a dumb year it was! And with that Fortune created the "101 Dumbest Moments in Business" for the year 2007.

This particular adsense unit shown below just brought Google into the said list:

To test Google's ability to block harmful advertising, Belgian IT security consultant Didier Stevens posts an ad that reads "Is your PC virus-free? Get it infected here!" It is accepted by Google and displayed 259,723 times; 409 web surfers actually clicked on the ad.

Other tech groups also included on the list were Apple, Sony and Intel. One group I noticed missing on the list is Bill Gates and co. Does this mean Microsoft didn't do anything stupid this year?

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