Shakedown 2.0?

This is my second test blog where you'll find news and opinions on the latest happenings surrounding the internet, technology, entertainment, et. al.
Why the name? "Shakedown" is a period of testing or trial journey undergone by a ship, plane or other craft before declared operational. 2.0 simply because it's my second trial blog [see the first blog here]

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"w00t!" there it is!

As the year ends, Merriam-Webster once again asked web users to vote for its Word of the Year. And the winner is -- w00t!

Spelled w-zero-zero-t, "w00t" is a word made popular by pc and video gamers which means: "expressing joy (it could be after a triumph, or for no reason at all); similar in use to the word 'yay'." Others say the two zeros were just added to make the word more cooler.

This will probably turn off the wordsmiths and wordanistas out there. But then again we're at a time wherein people are communicating electronically with each other. Welcome to the Wikipedia generation.. "w00t" gained the 2007 honor because Internet users voted for it. Merriam-Webster explained that "w00t" hasn't been added to its print dictionaries, but instead is included in its online Open Dictionary.

Last year's winner is "truthiness" - a word popularized by comedian Stephen Colbert. Now what's next, "pwned?"

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