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This is my second test blog where you'll find news and opinions on the latest happenings surrounding the internet, technology, entertainment, et. al.
Why the name? "Shakedown" is a period of testing or trial journey undergone by a ship, plane or other craft before declared operational. 2.0 simply because it's my second trial blog [see the first blog here]

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Yahoo! Mail and Messenger Together

Have you checked your Yahoo! mail? I checked mine this morning to see if my webhost received the payment for my hosting plan, and was surprised with the opening message saying - "Yahoo! Mail and Messenger Together!"

So Yahoo finally combined two of it's most popular web services. The look of yahoo mail is also different.. there is a home tab (I don't know if the old interface have those before, but I just noticed it now) which is similar to Yahoo's main site, a tab for your email messages, and additional tab for your Yahoo Messenger, so no more downloads and setup needed. Add to that the usual calendar, notepad, contacts and RSS feed reader.. and Yahoo Mail users will have lots of ways to easily organize and communicate with friends. So, have you checked your Yahoo! mail? What's your say on it?

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itot54joni said...

you have to move to a new homepage of yahoo to avail i right?

boddah said...

Actually no, I also thought you have to upgrade to yahoo! mail plus to get this features but no they're implementing it on all regular yahoo mail users.