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Pentagon doesn't want Google mapping out their bases

The US defence department has banned the giant internet search engine Google from filming inside and making detailed studies of US military bases.

A message sent to all Defense Department bases and installations around the country late last week told officials to not allow the popular mapping website from taking panoramic views inside the facilities.

Close-up, ground-level imagery of US military sites posed a "potential threat" to security, it said.

The move follows the discovery of images of the Fort Sam Houston army base in Texas on Google Maps.

"Images include 360-degree views of the covered area to include access control points, barriers, headquarters, facilities and community areas," said the defence department in a statement quoted by AFP news agency.

It said such detailed mapping could pose a threat.

Google spokesman Larry Yu said the decision by a Google team to enter the Texas base and undertake a detailed survey, had been "a mistake".He said that where the US military had expressed concerns, images had already been removed.

source: bbc tech news

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Amy said...

"Pentagon doesn't want Google mapping out their bases"
This really make sense...because security is the most important factor for the US Ministry. Listing their bases in Map would allow everyone to have a perfect plan for a perfect threat...


Michelle said...

Well Said Amy...I totally agree with you..Security has become a major concern for everyone..especial for a rich county like USA.

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The United States has to take extra precaution because they cannot risk vital info get into that hands of known US enemies.

They don't wanna be handing out blueprints for would be attackers.

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