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CES 2008 kicks off with Gates' final keynote speech

It's a new year and a new January CES (Consumer Electronics Show) expo is about to begin that will hopefully bring enough new stuff to keep us drooling for the rest of the year. Last night, Bill Gates delivered his last opening CES keynote after 12 occasions of doing so in the last 15 years.

Bill Gates' made his final speech January 6 to kick off CES 2008. Explaining that thinking about how he would spend his last full day at the office has inspired a film, Gates presented a short funny video about such a day, starting with Gates driving to the office in a bog standard car, leaving his briefcase on the top of the car in a comedic fashion.

The hilarity continued with guest star appearances from names as varied as Steven Spielberg, Hilary Clinton, George Clooney and a scene where Gates calls Bono and plays a Guitar Hero riff down the phone in an attempt to audition for a place in the band. The picture above is Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash helping Gates on a Guitar Hero bet.

CES is an annual trade show event held each January at Las Vegas, Nevada. At the show, many previews of products are introduced, or new products are announced.

Yugatech will be doing a "remote coverage" of CES 2008 so expect some updates there. For a complete info about CES visit their website at

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JB said...

You can see some vidoe of Bill and Slash together at CES at .

Hard to believe Bill Gates is retiring.


boddah said...

Your right, it is hard to look at Micro$oft without Bill G. on it. Well, Mr. Gates has been around for a long time now.. so i think he really deserves some rest and settling down (his now focusing on philantrophy). However he does plan to continue to play a role at Microsoft working on special software projects, including health care and education initiatives – causes which are very close to his heart.