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This is my second test blog where you'll find news and opinions on the latest happenings surrounding the internet, technology, entertainment, et. al.
Why the name? "Shakedown" is a period of testing or trial journey undergone by a ship, plane or other craft before declared operational. 2.0 simply because it's my second trial blog [see the first blog here]

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FeedDemon RSS Reader 2.6 Now Free! And I'm lovin' it!

Before, what I usually do is open all my bookmarked news sites just to check on the latest web news, not today.. I just found out that FeedDemon 2.6- one of the most popular RSS Reader for Windows is now FREE!

It was January 9 when NewsGator announced that FeedDemon 2.6 and NetNewsWire 3.1 will be available free of charge and will include free synchronization along with other services. NetNewsWire is their RSS Reader for the Macintosh system. NewsGator also announced that users can synchronize to provide the same view of their RSS content no matter where or when they read it.

Of course I could have tried other free readers out there like the somewhat controversial(?) Google Reader. But I don't know, I think I was too lazy to try it that time. ^_^

Other than FeedDemon and NetNewsWire, Newsgator Inbox and Newsgator Go! will also be available for free. NewsGator Inbox gives you the ability to track and manage all of your RSS content within Microsoft Outlook, while NewsGator Go lets you track and manage all your RSS content on your Blackberry, Windows Mobile device, Java Mobile Smartphone or Java PDA.

As of now I'm still putting all my fave news sites to my reader- from CNN to CNET.. from TechCrunch to TechDirt. I'm loving it! No more 15 tabbed sites open at the same time on my Firefox browser, they are now well arranged and updated on my FeedDemon reader. If you haven't tried it you check it out on their website.

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Nick Bradbury said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying FeedDemon, Boddah - thanks for blogging about it!

boddah said...

Well, it's you we have to thank for making one great rss reader. I like it's clean interface, very friendly, and easy to use. Also thanks for making it free.